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Journal Co-Founder Margaret Sullivan and her 1st major collection of poetry, Mean Dogs, find themselves in good company at Salt Spring Books. Mean Dogs will be available for sale on this website in just a matter of days.

What the Gargoyle Sees by Gene Twaronite

Gene Twaronite's third poetry collection What the Gargoyle Sees has just been published by Kelsay Books. It’s a wide-ranging sci-fi collection of new and selected poems ranging from science fiction and fantasy to myth, horror, and fairy tale retellings. Here’s a short blurb from the back cover:


"What the Gargoyle Sees pairs creative settings with a realist’s eye—the book is full of moving poems that put Twaronite’s contemporary sensibility in settings rooted in myth, history, and invention. From the interstellar to the metaphysical, the poems take their occasions imaginatively—but rarely remain in the imagination alone. Instead, Twaronite melds the fabular with the particulars of lived experience. What the gargoyle truly sees, in the end, is the world we’ve made. It is what I like most about these poems: the way they start in the ether but find meaning in the heart."  

Tyler J. Meier, Executive Director, University of Arizona Poetry Center


Find out more about the book here:

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